August 12, 2012
Rebel Without a Cause (1955)

IMDB Synopsis: A rebellious young man with a troubled past comes to a new town, finding friends and enemies.

Although the above synopsis is ridiculously brief, it sums up the basic plot of the entire film. The thing about Rebel Without a Cause is that this was basically the first “teen angst” movies. It was the first Breakfast Club, (the first John Hughes movie, basically.) James Dean, Natalie Wood, and Sal Mineo gave a spectacular performance as teenage beatniks. At some points, yes, this movie can have certain cheesey parts, but I think that is only interpreted as cheesey in this modern age where everything is sarcastic or ironic. I liked the cinematography. The angle used gave different perspectives into the emotions the actors portrayed. This iconic movie also has some interesting trivia. Natalie Wood was rumored to have had an affair with director Nicholas Ray. The main 3 actors: James Dean, Natalie Wood, and Sal Mineo, died of a car accident, a mysterious drowning, and a stabbing, respectively. Later on, Edward Platt committed suicide. The violent deaths of these actors are similar to the violent lives led by Jim, Judy, and Plato in the film. On that note, I’ll conclude my review by saying that I liked this movie. It is a classic, so I think at one point or another everyone should watch it, and reminisce on your days of teen angst, rebellion against “the man,” late nights with the person you thought you would be together forever with.  

Rate: 9/10